Corn is Unhealthy for Dogs and Cats – Proof is in the Poops

Corn Poops by codifyer

Corn is indigestible to dogs and cats.

It draws water from the stool resulting in constipation and can injure the tender inner tissues of you dog or cat.

Milling corn to flour as in kibble and wet food filler does not make it less indigestible. In fact it concentrates it; causing it to by pass all attempts by the body to safely evacuate; infiltrating the system with allergen.

The first result most often is scratching and skin sores. The skin is the largest elimination organ in the body. Signs of internal inflammation, toxin or stress show up in skin issues. A lifetime of allergen intake will produce all the human diseases we see in pets nowadays; Diabetes, Candida, Pancreatitis, Cancer.

Commercial Corn is one of the worse foods for your pet & should be avoided in every form.

Read labels. Corn is often added as starch, syrup or oil to pet treats.

80% of corn grown in this country is GMO. Whatever you think about the technology, the fact is GMO plants are created to take massive amounts of pesticides which are known carcinogens.

Undigested food in your animals poop is never a good sign. It means there is a breakdown in the process; eating too fast or not chewing, inability to pass raw vegetables, especially carrot, stomach issues & tricky digestion are all indicated.

For more information, contact me via the Pet Companion Resource FB page. 



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