Dog Flu Virus

Dog Flu by codifyer

A dog flu new to the U.S,  canine influenza H3N2, thought to have come from Korea in 2015,  has caused outbreaks among dogs in 26 states.

Watch for sign of illness. Reactions include  cough, loss of appetite and fatigue. Most with mild symptoms recover on their own. Signs of severe illness in very old or very young dogs, or in dogs with other health problems, include high fevers, breathing problems and complications such as pneumonia.

This flu is highly contagious. Those who board their dogs, keep them at a day care or take them to the dog park should know the risks. So far there’s no indication of spread to humans through pet contact.

This is a viral disease and cannot be helped by anti bacterial drugs.

A blood test to determine cause of illness is best course.

There are 2 vaccines you can ask your Veterinarian about.

This is a link to the CDC website for more information.

Take Care.


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