Cure Kitty Acne with this nutrient from Coconut Oil

Indigo Black Adventure Cat by codifyer

Cats, Kitty Acne & Caprylic Acid

Feline acne is a superficial dermatitis (skin infection) of cat’s chins. Clinical signs range from blackheads to large draining pimples. It may be very painful, itchy. But as often seen with blackhead only cases some kitties are not very bothered it. Chin acne can be caused by flea bites, stress & improper grooming after eating or problems in the diet.

There’s some indication that plastic feeding bowls harbor bacteria and metal bowls can leach.

It is best to clean all bowls including water dishes  daily.

There are many solutions including hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, and various topical salves to clear this problem, including changing the actual food ( esp. if your cat just eats kibble ), to washing under the chin after eating. Without analyzing whether the problem is caused by bacteria, parasite  or fungus, it can be hard to contain for some cats.

My Kitty, Indigo got a bad case of it when we came from a flea free environment to one where fleas are a terrible problem. It re-occurs when he is under stress. I tried many products to knock it out. It had become resistant to almost everything.

 The last time it happened,  I used Caprylic Acid – one of the three fatty acids (along with capric acid and lauric acid) that are found in coconut oil. A scary name, but a very gentle oil. It is a potent anti-fungal that kills Candida cells. Within an hour the swelling receded & by the next day his chin problem was reduced to just a few drying pimples. It was gone completely in only 2 days and he is much happier. I buy the NOW brand capsules as they are encapsulated oil. Poke a hole and apply to acne.

My Boy actually licked my fingers after I put it on. I monitored him closely for side effects but he had none.

Caprylic Acid can also be used internally for bladder infections or Candida Albicans.

It is safe for dogs too. More about that in another post.

Hope this works for you!

Thanks, aza cody
Pet Companion



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