Is Kibble Really A Complete Food?

Leo by codifyer

Kibble is a highly concentrated, ultra processed, dehydrating, artificial food with dozens of additives.

Animals who only eat kibble more often develop habits more which indicate nutritional hunger like being ‘food frantic’, eating skat or garbage and begging at table. They are also prone to skin problems, obsessive grooming, kidney and yeast conditions resulting in pain and irritability.

Even the very highest quality of human grade pet kibble should be supplemented with that which is living, green & full of natural moisture. Sprouts, Barley and Wheat Grasses are easy to grow or find locally. If your pet doesn’t willingly chew the plant while it is growing, you can snip it with scissors and add to food.

Kibble is always improved by adding fluid; Meat or Fish Broth ( no garlic for cats, can use medicinally for dogs, no onion for both, check labels), Herbal Teas like Red Clover, (kitties love it and it’s amazingly healthy, check it out), or Catnip to keep both dogs and cats calm, even fresh water is preferable to serving it dry.

Eating kibble dry is like going through a bowl of oyster crackers. Because the cheaper brands have elevated levels of sodium, the animal is usually driven to drink a lot of water after eating. This dilutes the digestive enzymes and swells up the kibble. Constipation is often the result.

Oil is a very important part your pet’s diet. Though oils are often added to kibble, the rate of decay is such that the food at the bottom of a large bag has lost much of it’s nutritive value. Especially if the bag is not tightly closed and kept airtight.

Nutritionally satisfied pets are better behaved than those whose optimum levels are not met.

Do your pet a favor and feed it Real Food.

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One thought on “Is Kibble Really A Complete Food?

  1. There are some better kinds of dry food out there – but they are usually much more expensive. The cost of pet food continues to rise so it’s hard for some families to get better quality. That’s why supplementation with Real Food your family already eats, can help you depend less on processed and increase your pet’s health and satisfaction. Cheers!


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