Why You Should Let Your Pets Forage Green Food

Joy in the Raspberries by codifyer

Pets eat Living Food for Health.

Dogs and Cats often munch grass, leaves and sometimes bark.

It is a natural food for them.

Living green plants are used by animals as a fiber, digestive, and disinfectant.  They will either throw it back up in an effort to remove irritants in the stomach. Or pass it along the intestinal track to aid constipation.

When taking your dog for a walk, allow them to forage as needed. Pick places away from road pollution, and house/farm/industrial pesticides. Pay attention to what and how much your animal forages. Keep any eye on how it is processed. You can read you animals health by observing their habits.

Dogs will also forage on berries. Just don’t let them eat too much. It can cause the runs just like in people.

Check their faces for thorns, especially if they eat blackberries.

Grass & Kitty by codifyer

For indoor Cats and Dogs who have no access to grass in a clean area, grow some for them in a heavy pot.  Organic Wheat, Oat, Barley Grass seeds are available in stores and on line. Plant under 1/4 in of soil and keep moist. Takes about four or five days to sprout and come up.

Keep  the  grass lightly watered and in a sunny place in the house. How messy it gets depends on your pets. Some pets like to stand in it and eat from the top, others will nibble the long blades from the side.

Sow more seeds when needed.

Living Organic Wheat Grass is available at local grocery stores in small containers. It is sold for juicing. Juicing Wheat Grass takes a high speed juicer making a highly concentrated chlorophyll drink. Pure Plant Blood. The store bought is convenient size for traveling. Cut little snips with scissors and add to your pets food. Once you’ve cut it all down. Set it aside and water lightly. It will regrow at least once or twice. After that, compost.

Fresh Greens are rich in Vitamin K. That is an essential ingredient for the creation of good intestinal flora (bacteria).

Dogs and Cats who consume green foods have improved breath odor and less digestion problems.

Catnip for Cats is easy; Grow it, cut a bunch, wrap the bunch in a rubber band. Hang til dry. Some cats like it fresh, while others prefer dried. It can be added to food both fresh and dried. Organic starts are available widely. Grow indoors unless your kitties eat them up. Grow it in pots outdoors unless you don’t mind it spreading wildly, or sharing with neighboring critters who like to roll around in it.

Catnip can also be used as a tea for both cats and dogs. Add it to food or water. It helps restless animals sleep.

Try to always buy Local. This supports small farms and co-ops.

It’s best to eat food grown in water you and your pets are used to.


Joy in the Berries by codifyer  photo credit: Stephanie Miller


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