Animal Gab Radio, Talk w a Tale ~

AGR Poster by codifyer

Artist, Animal Advocate and Pet Chef Aza Cody presents Animal Gab Radio.

Talk with a Tail is a celebration of the free, farm and family critters we love in art, literature & music proudly on Coast Community Radio.

Listen on air live stream every 2nd Tuesday at 9:30 am PDT or podcasts at


July 12, 2016: Animals Among Us

Music Playlist

Theme Music: from Animals by Bonobo on Black Sands

My Friends the Gorillas by Anne Meara and Shelley Berman from the Sex Life of the Primate

Strange Days by Animal Liberation Orchestra from Tangle of Time

Run little Rabbit Run by Jeff Smith on Right Beside You.

Open Up the Dog House ( 2 Cats are Coming in ) released as a single by Nat King Cole and Dean Martin 1956

Muskrat Ramble with Jack Teagarden on Jazz Icons

Credit Music: from Animals by Bonobo on Black Sands

Animals by Coldplay from Clocks



Josh Saranpaa, Director of the Wildlife Center of the North Coast

Stephanie and Terry Miller, pet parents of Joy

Joy by codiyer



How to Help and Injured Animal by Tracey Stewart from Do Unto to Animals

The Rabbits Who Caused Everything by James Thurber from Thurber’s Carnival

Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry in Selected Poems


Animal Gab Radio is written and produced by Aza Cody

Thanks to the Coast Community Radio team for all their help.


Next Talk w/ a Tail~

Dogs! From Wolves and Jackals to our Best Friends

Featuring an interview with the President of the Clatsop Animal Assistance.

August 9 at 9:30 am on

Nature! #got2loveit 🙂


2 thoughts on “Animal Gab Radio, Talk w a Tale ~

  1. Tuesday’s radio show was very entertaining and informative. Well worth listening to even though I currently don’t have a pet. It made me look forward to having a pet even more than before! Aza’s vast knowledge and competence is very reassuring. I am looking forward to the next second Tuesday program.


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