Take neck collars off at night!

Collar by codifyer

How would you like to wear a tight  collar around your neck that never comes off?

Consider your pet’s health and take it off at night.

Collars that are never removed get really grotty with dirt, sweat and grime, and can harbor flea eggs.

Tight collars wear a groove in the fur, which in sensitive pets can lead to sores, chafe and permanently denuded skin around the delicate throat area.

Grooming a couple times a week should include working out the stress that heavy collars can cause to the neck.

Coconut Oil, and Non-Synthetic Vitamin E can help to clear up abrasions.

Massage, give good scritches, and brush the hair around the neck, shoulders and head.

It is very calming and soothing to both cats and dogs.

If sores or raw skin are evident, use a harness until it heals up.

Make sure you can get 2 fingers under your pets collar so it won’t be too tight.

Daniel by codifyer

Happy Pets are better behaved.

Show them you love them – take the collar off and give them a rub.





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