Protect Your Dogs From Being Poisoned on a Walk

Maggie and Eleanor by codifyer

Dogs walking with their owners along roadways or in high traffic areas are subjected to pollution from exhaust.

Their faces are right at the level of tail-pipes.

They bear the brunt of the invisible toxic cloud that extends over 25 feet from moving cars.

Especially very small dogs.

Dogs often breath deep and hard while walking.

This can make breathing in poison even more hazardous.

When taking your loving babes out – try to avoid walking next to busy streets.

Pick up little dogs and carry them until you can get to safer area.

Our pets are being made ill by the same chemical over load we are.

Try to mitigate the damage by doing all you can to keep them from being exposed to poisonous fumes.

They deserve fresh air while they exercise and our complete attention and care!





One thought on “Protect Your Dogs From Being Poisoned on a Walk

  1. If you cannot avoid using streets to walk you dogs – be aware there is something you can do about protecting their health thru food. Organic Apple Pectin, Clays and clean source Kelp have been used to remove heavy metals and pollution from the body. Added to your pet’s food will give them immune support! Cheers!


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