Animal Gab Radio : Talk with a Tail – Cats!

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Animal Gab Radio  September 13 at 9:30am on Coast Community Radio 91.9FM.

This Talk with a TailCats! from Sabertooth Tigers to Lap Kitty

Music Playlist
Theme Music from Animals by Bonobo, Black Sands Album
Lion Sleeps Tonight (Mubube) by Solomon Linda, the original tune written by the South African Zulu musician, singer and composer
Cat stumbles into Child’s Saucepan by Cherish the Ladies from One and All
Black Cat by Gentle Giant from Acquiring the Taste
Litterbox Boogie by Laurel Canyon Animal Company from Catatonic
Wild Cat Blues  by Fats Waller with Dick Hymans on piano
Little White Cat by Ann Mccue on Blue Sky Thinkin’
Alley Cat by Bent Fabric ( I kid you not)
Tyger Tyger by Greg Brown on Songs of Innocence and Experience  – lyrics by William Blake
Indigo Black Adventure Cat by codifyer
The Song of Mehitabal
A compilation from the Archy and Mehitabal Stories by Dom Marquis  read by Aza Cody
Miss Jean, Volunteer for Cat Adoption Team,  Sherwood, Oregon
Deborah Grove, Spay and Neuter Thrift Shop, Seaside, Oregon
Live Stream or listen to Podcasts available at
Animal Gab Radio is written and produced by Aza Cody.
Ms. Cody is an artist, animal advocate and pet chef.
As the Pet Companion, she cares for dogs and cats from Manzanita to Astoria, Oregon
WC by codifyer

The next Talk with a Tail is Scary Beasties! from Myth to Urban Legend

October 11, 2016 at 9:30am


4 thoughts on “Animal Gab Radio : Talk with a Tail – Cats!

  1. Great show! Liked the discussion on litter boxes, but have to mention that there’s a solution to the whole issue: train your mostly indoor cat to signal to you that he needs to go outdoors when he/she needs to do business. It takes some work, but it saves you a lot of cleanup of litter boxes down the road!


    1. Thanks a lot for your comment and approval. I like your suggestion and it certainly is one solution, however not everyone has a place to let their cat/s out for potty break and not all animals can hold their poop or pee while their people are out or at work. Also, the responsible pet owner really wouldn’t allow their animals to poop in other people’s yards or in public walk ways without taking responsibility for clean up. Cat poop contains parasites that are harmful to pregnant women and children with impaired immunity. Tracking poop home on shoes is a way to spread these parasites around.

      Cats can be trained to use a people toilet, but the best time to start this training is when the animal is a kitten. There are videos and instruction aids and information available on how to go about it. Catios are a big thing at the moment – allowing indoor kitties to have a safe setting outside where they can go both for potty and to get a breath of fresh air.

      Again, so glad you enjoyed Animal Gab Radio. Hope you stay tuned to our next Talk with a Tail!
      aza cody


      1. Great idea on the idea of using a human toilet. I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a highly trained cat in real life (outside of that scene from “Meet The Parents”), but props to those owners who can train their cats in this way!


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