Bless Their Hearts Treats for Dogs and Cats

Bless Their Hearts Treats


 Chicken Hearts

Boil in water to cover for about 5 mins.

Drain and save broth for simmering vegetables for your pet then use it on their wet or dry food.

Put Hearts in a jar with room.

Add Supplement Powder/s * –  1/4 teasp. of powder per 12 hearts to start

Put the lid on and shake.


These treats can be given 2 or 3 times a day depending on size and health of your pet.

Whole for medium to large dogs. Cut up fine for cats, small and elderly dogs or those with poor teeth.

Supplement Powders & Their Uses:

(Always start with small amounts when introducing food or supplement to pets.

That way you can monitor reactions and get them gradually used to the flavors.

Increase as needed and pull back if any supplement to bowel tolerance – that means  stools are normal)

Turmeric with a little Black Pepper – for inflammation, joint pain

Valerian – to calm, for sleep, for colic or gas in cats

Kelp – to remove heavy metals, add sodium & minerals

Golden Seal or Echinacea  – for infections, as antibacterial & anti-viral

 Hawthorn – heart problems, anti-oxidant, good for older dogs

Slippery Elm – upset stomach, diarrhea, cough

Both Dogs and Cats will benefit from these supplements.

Always take in account your animals state of health and research contraindications of any drugs they are taking.

WebMD is a good source for interactions.

Hearts are a better source of animal protein than some other organ meats.

They are also cheaper than other cuts.

It is often easy to find Beef, Lamb and Chicken Hearts in grocery stores.

Larger Hearts can be chopped, sliced, grilled or boiled and used as above.

Chicken Hearts can be used as pill pockets.

Many pet owners have difficulty using Real Meat for their dogs and cats.

Especially those of us who are Vegan for ethical reasons.


 Dogs and Cats require meat.

It is very difficult and dangerous to their health to change their Nature.

While some dogs can become accustomed to satisfying vegetarian diets –

cats are obligate carnivores.

They must have animal or fish protein daily – grains are not good for them even when tolerated initially.

No matter what form processed pet foods take – it’s meat or animal by products.

The more control you have over what you feed them the better. #imo

At the very least get the best grade grain free kibble you can find.

Supplement with Real Food that you eat already

Add herbs and other nutritional supports.

Happy Holidays!




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