Animal Gab Radio : Talk w a Tail ~ The Healing Power of Animals


Animal Gab Radio  December 13 at 9:30am on Coast Community Radio 91.9FM.

This Talk with a TailThe Healing Power of Animals ~ Stories of Comfort and Care



Chuchi by Rosetta Hurley

Spencer by Susan Boac

Chapel Cat by Sandy McDowall

Totem by Carol Folk

Hugo the Conour by Elizabeth Menetrey

Black Boy by Cathryn Wellner

Thanks for your wonderful memories and words!

cathryn wellner
 Music Playlist
Theme Music from Animals by Bonobo, Black Sands Album
You’re a Wonderful One by Marvin Gaye
I’ll be There if you Ever Want Me by Ray Price
I Like You by Lol Hoopii and His Novelty Quartette
Sweet Fire of Love by Robbie Robertson
 Tonight by David Bowie 
I don’t want to Walk without You by Harry James
Still Thrives this Love by K.D.Lang
 #RIP David Bowie ( 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016)
Pure Art to the End
Miss LuRain Penny
Miss Penny is a musical performer and philospher
Live Stream or listen to Podcasts available at
Animal Gab Radio is written and produced by Aza Cody.
Ms. Cody is an artist, animal advocate and pet chef.
As the Pet Companion, she cares for dogs and cats from Manzanita to Astoria, Oregon
frei-pups-by-codifyer Grace and Angel Frei : Therapy Pups – Muttsanita, Manzanita, Oregon 2016
 The next Talk with a Tail is Oceana: The Amazing Animals that Live in the Sea

January 10, 2017 at 9:30am

Thanks for listening!




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