Grains and Preservatives in Pet Foods


does this look like food to you?

Wheat, as sold in pet products is almost all GMO.

Whatever you feel about the technology, GMO Wheat has been altered to with-stand massive amounts of pesticides. It is a dense hybrid w 3 heads, that when processed into flour is so high in gluten content, it can overwhelm the system, causing most often severe, systemic fungal infections. Wheat Gluten from China sickened and killed many USA dogs a few yrs. ago. Corn, Barley and Rye flours are also likely to cause reaction in dogs and should never be given to cats. Both dogs and cats need living green and grains as grasses can be grown indoors from Barley, Oats, Wheatgrass – which is not the bread grain. )



Most of the domestic pets I work with have some skin and itch problem. I believe pesticides, chemical pollution & plastic are causal.

Food Colors are unnecessary for dogs and cats who do not see the same color range as humans do. Food colors are for you! so you’ll think the product is pretty. Why add anymore artificial chemicals to the food? 90% of USA Beets are GMO. Turmeric is an excellent ingredient for inflammation, but the cheaper brands use chemical coloring, which can cause allergic reactions in some animals. General Considered Safe is a nebulous term which has been proved wrong before. Better to reduce the amount of chemical interactions in pet foods, rather than increase them.

Many common preservatives are known carcinogenic in lab animals – bless them for their sacrifice.

Preservatives are over used in the food industry to increase shelf life.
Tip: Don’t buy huge bags if you have 1 small dog. Always keep bags closed or put in air tight container. Look for products that use non synthetic Vit E as a preservative.

You can feed Real Food to your pets. Reduce the need for processed petfood. If you eat meat, fish, dairy, veg, fruit or whole grain – you can easily share with both dogs and cats. That’s what family does. And what families did for tens of thousands of years before the pet food industry took over in the 1950’s.

Salmon Dish by codifyer


aza the pet companion



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