Keep Pets Safe in a Summer Heatwave.

 Leave them at home, not in your car.

Dogs feet can burn on hot pavements.

Walk in grass, in shade during the day or wait til the sun goes down.

Cats may prefer a dark cool room to a sun patch.

Feed a little less and make sure your pets are drinking enough.

Add broth or water to both wet and dry food esp. for animals who only eat kibble.

Signs of heat stroke are excessive panting, restlessness or listlessness.

Cool the head, stomach and feet with a damp washcloth or an ice pack.

If your pet is unresponsive, it may need to be medically hydrated by a Veterinarian.

Be Safe.


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Is Fish Safe for Our Pets?

If you feed Cats & Dogs fish – Salmon,Tuna or Mackerel or Sardines – Be Aware – wild sources are contaminated with drugs and other pollutants.
There are ways to mitigate some of the effects. Use up to a teasp. of Sunflower Lecithin in every fish meal to help remove damaging chemicals from the body. Icelandic Kelp, Organic Apple Pectin and Bentonite Clay is also helpful.
Remember, most processed products use ‘meal’ from many sources of fish & fowl.
Consumers have no control over how this meal is formulated or verified for safety.
By feeding your animals Real Food, you can monitor their reactions better and judge what effects each type of food is having on your pet.
Never used Farmed Fish like Tilapia.
“Research from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future revealed the gory details of disease-ridden fish farms in Asia, where pig and chicken feces serve as a cheaper alternative to standard fish food. While the FDA vehemently denied any of these goings-on, the Johns Hopkins investigation revealed only 2 percent of imported seafood to the United States is actually tested for contamination. Experts worry that the large amounts of antibiotics given to the fish to ward off infections may give rise to antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella.” via Eat This Not That Newsletter
This is a very worrisome result of our civilzation with no solution in sight.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall

Blue Buffalo has announced a voluntary recall of one lot of BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult #Dogs due to possible elevated levels of beef thyroid hormones.
Not only is this an issue for our dogs and cats, but what about us – consuming meat that is so tainted?
Poor Farm animals have the most terrible life – how can we think that eating misery is healthy in any way?
Learn to make Real Food for your pets – it’s safer.
Sharing is Caring.

My Travel Kitty #2

Most kitties don’t like travelling unless they’ve been used to it from an early age.

As a full-time pet sitter, I am very lucky to have a cat who loves me more than fear.

He travels with me almost everywhere.

He found me when he was already several years old.  He’d been abandoned and managed to survive intact, except for his foot which is a bit mangled, in-spite of  black widow spiders, drunk drivers, packs of coyotes and other feral critters of desperate temperament and violent behavior.

So after I took him in, we headed North. The auto trip was his first, no doubt.

Keeping animals calm is key to helping them cope with changes in routine.  Even meeting new people can be stressful.

There are several brands of herbal and homeopathic supports available.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is a trusted formula safe for dogs and cats. Check if your pet is on any other medication that there’s no complication before giving anything.

Start several days ahead of travel or event by giving only 1 drop in a small bowl of water or in wet food, am & pm.

Keep eye out for any negative reaction. If all is well, use as needed for up to 10 days.

There are other supports for daily use. Contact me by message for more information.

1ooo miles later, when we landed at the Ester Lee Hotel, Lincoln City, Oregon, Indigo felt confident and relaxed enough to walk on the sill of a window overlooking the wide open Ocean.


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