Sweetness and Light

Often in my little business, I have the pleasure of meeting pure innocence.

Such sweetness cannot help touch the Soul.

All the World should realize these sensitive Beings embody unconditional Love.

If we learn their example, we might advance as a species.

Dogs are the #BetterWorld.

Thank you, Taler.

You are one of the Good Ones.



Taler by thecodifyer.com



My Travel Kitty

Travel Kitty by codifyer #cats #photography #stories

Codifyer Arted Up Photography


Indigo adopted us 10 yrs ago when our big Lab Cody passed away.

He had been abandoned for some time before because we’d seen him out and about in our neighborhood.

He waited on our back porch for months while we grieved, we never noticed him.

Then one day, driving around the back, I saw him. Sitting hunchy on the step.

He looked so sad.

A few minutes later on my journey, I saw a homeless man, sitting in a bus shelter.

The first thought to occur was – He reminds me of the kitty!

Cat food was bought that very day.

The process of introducing him into our household ( as a temporary visitor at first ) was begun.

LuRain was terrified of him.

She was quite put out over his intrusion into her bereavement.

But that’s another story….

He is the Love of my Life, a brave and…

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Pets Deserve Real Food by aza cody

Leo with Bunny by codifyer

Pets deserve Real Food by Aza Cody

The Pet Food Industry claim their product is sufficient and ‘human food’ is unsafe and unnecessary. Why then are ‘human’ diseases like Diabetes, Pancreatitis and Cancer endemic in modern pet populations?

Commercial pet foods are not human grade products. That means 4D meat; dead, diseased, decayed or dying. Not Safe for Human Consumption. With the number of recalls, and the thousands of cases of  animals sickened or killed by jerky treats & wheatgerm from China – can we really feel confident these foods are always safe for our cats and dogs?

Kibble-only diets are especially harmful; the animal meat sources are dubious and grain is over used, especially wheat, rice and corn – all plants subject to heavy pesticides. The “grain free” products are packed with legumes like garbanzo beans and the poisonous cassava root to make up for the grain. Peas, the only vegetable with lactic acid (milk sugar), are pulverized into powder, labeled  flour, meal or fiber. In one brand, peas are listed 3 times and amount to 40% of total ingredients per bag!

 Dogs can tolerate some grain and legume flour,  but too much can bring on allergic symptoms like skin itch and yeast infection. Cats are obligate carnivores and need very little of anything but meat.

Kibble Container

Leaving large amounts of dry kibble in ‘self serve’ plastic containers is hazardous because of bacteria and mold growth. Plastic never really gets clean, it erodes.  Clean with 90% alcohol and water once a week. Let dry thoroughly before re-filling. Put in just enough for 2 days at a time.

Most kibble is preserved with synthetic Vitamin E which degrades quickly. Keep bags tightly closed. Kibble using artificial preservatives should not be used. These chemicals cause serious cancer in lab animals.

Feeding dry only food can case Urinary problems especially in males. Adding water, broth or herb tea to kibble will make your pet feel fuller and help with digestion too. No need to soak it unless your pet consumes without chewing.

Recent studies prove the addition of living food like wheatgrass, sprouts, spirulina, fresh herbs, eggs, cheese, real meat and fish can change the life of your pet.

Sharing is pack behavior and very bonding.

Reducing  dependence on commercial pet food and treats is healthy, fun and doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Pets deserve Real Food.