Keep Pets Safe in a Summer Heatwave.

 Leave them at home, not in your car.

Dogs feet can burn on hot pavements.

Walk in grass, in shade during the day or wait til the sun goes down.

Cats may prefer a dark cool room to a sun patch.

Feed a little less and make sure your pets are drinking enough.

Add broth or water to both wet and dry food esp. for animals who only eat kibble.

Signs of heat stroke are excessive panting, restlessness or listlessness.

Cool the head, stomach and feet with a damp washcloth or an ice pack.

If your pet is unresponsive, it may need to be medically hydrated by a Veterinarian.

Be Safe.


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Oceana : The Amazing Animals that live in the Sea, part 1


This Talk with a Tail is Oceana: The Amazing Animals that live in the Sea, part 1.
Featuring an in-depth interview with Nate Sandel.
Live streaming at
Podcasts are usually available on our AGR page within 24 to 72 hours.


Nate Sandel  Photo Credit: codifyer
Nate is the Education Director of the Columbia River Maritime Museum located in Astoria, Oregon.
A wonderful speaker and teacher.  So dedicated to his subject – he brought show and tell to the radio interview!
He was a wealth of information and details about the marine creatures that live in the Pacific Northwest Ocean.
We have California Sea lions, Grey, Blue, Humpback, and Fin Whales, Orcas and Harbor Porpoises, 15 kinds of Shark, all types of crustaceans & fish, plus many bird species.
Harbor Porpoise Ear Bone  Photo Credit: codifyer
He turned me on to ARKive – a Nature video site where you can find wonderful films of all sorts of animals and post your own.
 Having an abundance of Marine Life is not without problems.
California Sea lions, for example, are felt to impinge on commercial fishing.
Only males live in Oregon waters. They come here to feed and go back down to California to breed.
According to the Oregon Mammal Marine Stranding Network, most of the dead or dying Sea lions on our beaches have been shot.
It is a felony for a member of the public to injure or kill a Sea lion in Oregon.
However, they are regularly hot ironed branded, removed, or chemically euthanized by the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife as a form of environmental management.
California Sea Lion Skull  Photo Credit: codifyer
According to Nate, there are no more Sea Otters off the Oregon Coast. They have become extinct in this area for reasons unknown.
Sea Otters are one of the most fascinating Beings, and Nate’s favorite.
He told me many wonderful facts about their way of being – including their tool use and the evolution of a pocket where they keep them on their bodies.
Sea Otter Pockets Photo credit : Oregon Coast Aquarium
Sea Otter Skull  Photo Credit: codifyer
Sea Otter Interior  Photo Credit: codifyer
I thank Nate Sandel for contributing to Animal Gab Radio and spending his time to educate us all on the amazing animals that live around us.
I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.
The next Animal Gab Radio program is Oceana, part 2 featuring an interview with the Seaside Aquarium and the Marine Mammal Stranding Network and Lynn Buckmaster, Ocean Environmentalist and specialist on Plastic Marine Pollution.
All the sounds on this Talk with a Tail are of the Ocean and Free Animals.
Thanks for listening!

It’s All Good


Thanks to all at Coast Community Radio for supporting Animal Gab Radio – Tail with a Tail ~

Especially Graham, our new Operations Manager, who is a great asset to the station.

Here he is taking a well deserved breather with Carol Newman’s beloved Duke.

What a great group!

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Audrey by codifyer / Finding a pet sitter at hotels & resorts

Audry by codifyer

Pets are welcome at many seaside and vacation spots.

They are not usually allowed to stay in the rooms by themselves unless crated.

Dogs left alone in a strange place can get into mischief, damage the premises and bark at neighbors.

During the cold winter months or in the heat of the summer, it is not advisable to leave them in cars.

The best solution is to hire a professional sitter to come a stay with your pets while you dine and dance.

An experienced minder will have a relationship with the resort hotel and be referred by them to clients. Check whether the pet sitter is insured, licensed, and well recommended. If possible have the pet sitter meet your animals before the sit. This gives the client an opportunity to get a ‘feel’ for the person who will be caring for their animals and give the sitter an opportunity to be advised of any behavioral or medical issues, and make friends with the pet before being responsible for them.

 It is smart to arrange for a sitter before you travel especially during peak travel seasons. Ask at your hotel when you make your reservations for their policy and recommendation. Area pet stores are also a good resource for finding trusted local businesses.

If your sitter does a good job for you, remember to give them a thumbs up when you check out.

Then the Hotel is happy and the sitter is assured of future reference.