Sweetness and Light

Often in my little business, I have the pleasure of meeting pure innocence.

Such sweetness cannot help touch the Soul.

All the World should realize these sensitive Beings embody unconditional Love.

If we learn their example, we might advance as a species.

Dogs are the #BetterWorld.

Thank you, Taler.

You are one of the Good Ones.



Taler by thecodifyer.com




 Ted is a very old cat.

Pretty much blind and mostly deaf.

A tad unsteady on his pins, he’s nonetheless of robust appetite.

His voice is loud and strong.

Ted is not fond of being alone.

Fortunately he sleeps a lot.

Time passes without much notice.

He seems to wake just as Fairy Godmother is on her way.

She leaves the blind up so he can look out for her.

When she comes, he’ll eat again.

She’ll rub him all over with a warm washcloth.

Kisses and snugglers.

After, there’s surprise extra in the bowl to finish up.

When he comes out from the kitchen she’s gone.

Licking her scent off his fur reminds him.

When that’s done, he’s comfy and sleepy.

He’ll wake just before she drives up in the morning.

And be waiting in the window.


photo: Ted thru Glass by thecodifyer.com

Audrey by codifyer / Finding a pet sitter at hotels & resorts

Audry by codifyer

Pets are welcome at many seaside and vacation spots.

They are not usually allowed to stay in the rooms by themselves unless crated.

Dogs left alone in a strange place can get into mischief, damage the premises and bark at neighbors.

During the cold winter months or in the heat of the summer, it is not advisable to leave them in cars.

The best solution is to hire a professional sitter to come a stay with your pets while you dine and dance.

An experienced minder will have a relationship with the resort hotel and be referred by them to clients. Check whether the pet sitter is insured, licensed, and well recommended. If possible have the pet sitter meet your animals before the sit. This gives the client an opportunity to get a ‘feel’ for the person who will be caring for their animals and give the sitter an opportunity to be advised of any behavioral or medical issues, and make friends with the pet before being responsible for them.

 It is smart to arrange for a sitter before you travel especially during peak travel seasons. Ask at your hotel when you make your reservations for their policy and recommendation. Area pet stores are also a good resource for finding trusted local businesses.

If your sitter does a good job for you, remember to give them a thumbs up when you check out.

Then the Hotel is happy and the sitter is assured of future reference.