Cooper by Codifyer

Cooper is a Bigger Dog than he appears.

He’s nobody’s Baby.

 And Don’t touch the Tail!

If he lets you, that’s big Trust.

Massage all over his little body with a warm damp soft wash cloth;

putty in your hands.

Cooper loves his Fairy Dog Mother.

She loves him very much back.




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My Travel Kitty

Travel Kitty by codifyer #cats #photography #stories

Codifyer Arted Up Photography


Indigo adopted us 10 yrs ago when our big Lab Cody passed away.

He had been abandoned for some time before because we’d seen him out and about in our neighborhood.

He waited on our back porch for months while we grieved, we never noticed him.

Then one day, driving around the back, I saw him. Sitting hunchy on the step.

He looked so sad.

A few minutes later on my journey, I saw a homeless man, sitting in a bus shelter.

The first thought to occur was – He reminds me of the kitty!

Cat food was bought that very day.

The process of introducing him into our household ( as a temporary visitor at first ) was begun.

LuRain was terrified of him.

She was quite put out over his intrusion into her bereavement.

But that’s another story….

He is the Love of my Life, a brave and…

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W.C. by codifyer


Deaf and so old it’s a mystery, W.C. is willpower walking.

He has the loudest voice I’ve ever heard in a cat.

He lives for food and sleep.

Still aware though and alert enough to spar with his big sister doberman, Joy.

Incredibly fragile, amazingly determined.

Life just wants to Live.




Animal Gab Radio : Talk with a Tail ~ Celebrating Holidays with Pets


Animal Gab Radio  November 8 at 9:30am on Coast Community Radio 91.9FM.

This Talk with a TailCelebrating Holidays With Pets: Fun and Food for Dogs and Cats


Music Playlist
Theme Music from Animals by Bonobo, Black Sands Album
Cat Rambles into Child’s Saucepan by Cherish the Ladies from One and All
Tiger Rag by Bennie Goodman from Slipped Disc
Top Cat Theme written by Hoyt Curtin from the popular T.V. Cartoon Show 1961-62
Le Banquet by Rachel Portman from the film Chocolat
 George Burns and Gracie Allen in Buying a Dog from the long running Radio Show 1937 – 1950
Salsa Verde by Willie and Lobo from Gypsy Boogaloo
 Happy Holidays by Percy Faith and His Orchestra
Cati Foss, Arnicadia Dog Training,  Astoria, Oregon
Miss Jean, Volunteer for Cat Adoption Team,  Sherwood, Oregon
Jacque Pressley, Angels for Sara Sanctuary for Senior Dogs,  Warrenton, Oregon
Live Stream or listen to Podcasts available at
Animal Gab Radio is written and produced by Aza Cody.
Ms. Cody is an artist, animal advocate and pet chef.
As the Pet Companion, she cares for dogs and cats from Manzanita to Astoria, Oregon
Cuddling Cats by codifyer
 The next Talk with a Tail is The Healing Power of Animals ~ Stories of Comfort and Care

December 13, 2016 at 9:30am

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